Expert CFO Services for Galveston Small Businesses!

At TSAT Accounting Solutions, we go beyond traditional accounting to offer a comprehensive suite of Elite CFO Services tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses, entrepreneurs, and sole proprietors in the Galveston community! Our experienced CFOs (Cash Flow Optimizers) will help you optimize your finances and make strategic decisions with confidence, just like a CFO!

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Galveston Elite CFO Services!

Let our CFO help guide and assist you to 2X-10X your business revenue, profitability, and leadership through a premier relationship and a focused growth plan.

CFO Bootcamp

  • This 8-week course is for anyone wanting to catapult their business! Let our CFO teach you the critical things you need to know! The curriculum of this course will help you reach the next level!
  • $4200

CFO (Cash Flow Optimization) Hourly Advising

  • Starting at $400 per hour ($300 if you buy 2 or more hours at once)
  • Schedule your CFO Strategic Advisement session: CFO Hourly Advisement!
  • Note: Before your session, please be prepared to provide/share financial information, statements, documents, etc.

Free CFO Vaults

  • TSAT Personal CFO – Sole Proprietors of Sch C, E or F
  • Personal CFO is about learning how to become financially successful when you as a sole proprietor are experiencing struggles, but don’t know how to get from where you are to where you want to be.
  • TSAT CFO – S-Corporations
  • The CFO Vault is about learning how to become financially successful when you as an S Corporation are experiencing struggles, but don’t know how to get from where you are to where you want to be.


Exceptional customer service at a fair price. We couldn’t ask for a better partner to work with.

Cherie & Kevin Schenker

Tabitha does a great job of explaining everything. And is really set me up on the path to be successful. I’m glad that I found her to help with my business and personal taxes

James Miller

Tabitha has helped me with my business and personal accounting for 5 years now. She and her staff are great and her fees are very reasonable!

Shannon Knight

Great service! Love working with Tabitha and her entire team!

Doug Hunt
Kevin HarringtonKevin Harrington
18:39 26 May 21
Without a doubt, Tabitha and her awesome team are the very best accounting firm that I have ever had the pleasure of working with in the entire state of Missouri.
Kristan BaileyKristan Bailey
02:50 22 Apr 21
Great communication, quick turn around time, and very open to answering a million questions. So thankful we have this team behind us as we start our small business. Thank y’all for everything!!
Alissa OwsleyAlissa Owsley
21:44 21 Apr 21
As a new business owner, TSAT has offered invaluable financial coaching to help set us on the right path. We're new in our partnership, but our interactions thus far have been practical and valuable! Thanks, TSAT!
Alisha MulkeyAlisha Mulkey
21:11 21 Apr 21
I have been using TSAT from the Very Beginning and Appreciate All the Staffs hard work. Tabitha is The Best and I am Very Lucky to call her a Friend!
Trina PlantzTrina Plantz
15:16 09 Dec 20
TSAT is Simply Amazing! They are a team who truly cares & their customer service is TOP-NOTCH! Tabitha & her team is knowledgeable, provide personalized service, & professionalism. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
Amanda JAmanda J
01:46 09 Dec 20
Knowledgeable, caring staff demonstrating the utmost in integrity, personalized service, and professionalism. Highly recommend!!
Alicia HawesAlicia Hawes
21:27 08 Dec 20
I love working for TSAT! Not only have I grown personally and professionally, but I have also been able to make my vision of financial success possible! I love my team and I love the success that I am finally seeing in my life! Thanks TSAT!!!!!!
John HowsmonJohn Howsmon
13:01 10 Nov 20
I have worked with Tabitha and her team for several years and I have found them to be both very competent and responsive to my needs. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to outsource the CFO role in your business. John Howsmon

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