Small Business Saturday is 11/26!

Small Business Saturday is a day dedicated to supporting small businesses and celebrating their impact on communities. For many small business owners, this day is a chance to connect with customers and build relationships. It’s also an opportunity to show the community what makes their business special. Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, and Small Business Saturday is a great way to show your support. Here are a few reasons why shopping small on Small Business Saturday is so important:

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the American economy. In fact, small businesses create two out of every three new jobs in the US each year.

Small businesses are the heart and soul of our communities. They give us a sense of place and belonging.

Small businesses are the source of innovation and creativity. They are the engine of entrepreneurship in America.

Small businesses are more likely to give back to their communities. They are also more likely to use local suppliers, which keeps more money circulating in the local economy.

Small businesses offer unique products and services. Since small businesses are usually locally owned, they often offer products and services that you cant find at big box stores. They also tend to be more personal, so you can get to know the business owner and the employees. This personal touch can make your shopping experience more enjoyable.

Shopping at small businesses supports the American dream. When you shop small, you are supporting the risktakers and dreamers who are working to make their vision a reality.

Become a Neighborhood Champion!

Become a Neighborhood Champion by shopping local on Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday is a national day of shopping that encourages consumers to shop at local businesses. It takes place on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Small businesses need your support!

Small businesses often have a hard time competing with big box stores. They may not have the same marketing budgets or the same buying power, which means they need your support to stay in business. Shopping at small businesses on Small Business Saturday is one way to help them compete. So this Small Business Saturday, remember to shop small and support your local businesses. It’s good for the economy, good for the community, and good for you!

So make sure to shop small this holiday season and support the small businesses in your community!

Nonmonetary ways to support!


TSAT Supports Your Small Business!

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