In these times, most people of all ages have some form of financial debt. Ranging from credit cards to student loans, some have their debts under control, some do not. Debt has a negative connotation in our culture, however not all debt is bad. Some debt, such as investments, educational costs, and starting your own business can be strategic and lucrative over the long run.

Regardless of your control of your debt and the debt(s) size, keeping track of and managing your debt is a must. Prudent record keeping can help to alleviate the obstacles that are inherent to debt, these include interest rates and charges, credit rating, and credit availability.

If your debt is trending out of control or is already full-blown out of control, it will take a balanced and disciplined approach to forge your path out of debt. Whether you have a small business or need this personally, TSAT and B.A.C.K. have three tips for everyone when it comes to managing your debts.

TIP 1 – Acknowledging and Understanding exactly how much debt you currently have

  • The process starts by listing ALL of your existing debts. Include the creditor owed, due dates, monthly costs, and interest rates. This will give you an understanding of exactly what your debts consist of, how much you will need to pay them off and when.

TIP 2 – Prioritize certain debts over others

  • It should go without saying that prioritizing high interest debts, such as credit cards should be top of mind. However, most people that are in serious debt commonly ignore this crucial prioritization. Some credit cards have interest rates over 35%. Without actionable prioritization, a rate that high can make drive you further from your debt mitigation goals, even when you are actively trying to reconcile debt.

TIP 3 – Get help when debt becomes overwhelming

  • Even the slightest of debts can be a cause of stress and anxiety, especially in times when resources are running low and you have a family to feed. There are days when a random phone number can set you off, for fear it is another debt collector.  That is no way to live. It is vital you know when to sound the alarm, if only to achieve some form of peace of mind. When you find your debt situation to be more than you can handle, it is time to get help. TSAT and B.A.C.K. provided financial HOPE for small businesses and individuals. There is no situation, big or small, that TSAT or B.A.C.K. cannot help with!

Acknowledging that you have a debt situation is the first step to gaining and maintaining financial wellbeing and freedom. Make use of all available options and remember to seek professional financial help. Having some debt is normal; dodging those debts is not.

TSAT and B.A.C.K. can help; you are not alone in this! It starts with a simple call or email, TSAT and B.A.C.K. can help you regain financial HOPE!

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