TSAT’s VIP Trusted Advising is a creative, strategic service that helps small business owners achieve their goals. One part of our amazing advising package is financial forecasting. Financial forecasting works within the client’s business model, adding their own financial instinct to identify new possibilities.

A trusted advisor can help a small business create a realistic financial forecast based on historical data. He or she can analyze data to identify patterns and trends in the business, and compare them to industry-standard benchmarks. This type of analysis is essential to qualifying a business owner’s expectations with real data. In addition to examining historical trends, trusted advisors can also look at seasonal patterns to produce a more accurate forecast. Financial forecasting can also help businesses make informed decisions under time constraints, allowing them to confidently greenlight projects. While forecasts are subject to change, they can help businesses avoid major setbacks by understanding risks and opportunities. We can make this process easier for business leaders, enabling them to respond to changes quickly and confidently.

We help business owners see potential and exceed their own expectations, and they can be very rewarding. Here are 3 ways TSAT’s Trusted Advisement helps you with financial forecasting and strategic decision making:

We start by understanding your goals (business and personal)

One of the first steps to financial forecasting is understanding the goals of the business owner. For example, half of small businesses face limited funds to pay employees and cover other expenses. As a result, financial forecasting must be tailored to these specific needs. In addition, small businesses should set aside funds for a rainy day fund. This type of fund can be set up to automatically transfer funds from a business checking account when needed.

Strategic accounting and financial forecasting services can help small business owners determine their goals and make more informed decisions. Developing financial forecasts helps clients make sense of historical financial data, develop more accurate projections, and apply business rules to the forecast. In addition to financial forecasts, advisors should also understand the business owner’s goals, which are usually defined during the planning stage of a business.

We recognize that your financial forecast will evolve over time

Financial forecasts are not perfect and must be adjusted as the business grows. These forecasts serve as a roadmap to guide management decisions and should be used to guide future business development. However, they must also be updated and refined to keep up with changes to the business.

We use the financial forecast to help you grow your business

A well-prepared forecast can help you make decisions based on historical data and anticipate future performance. While financial forecasts will never be 100% accurate, they are still a vital part of decision-making and planning. In addition to providing an accurate estimate of revenue and profit, forecasting can help you make sound decisions during times of uncertainty. It can also help you greenlight capital projects with confidence. Of course, it’s important to remember that forecasts are subject to change, but investing in thorough information gathering and rigorous data analysis will improve your company’s chances of making sound assumptions.

A financial forecast can also be used to alert a business owner to potential problems or growth opportunities. Investors and lenders often request a financial forecast to understand a business’s potential. While financial forecasting can provide a deep insight into a company’s future, it can also be complex.

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Financial forecasts are one crucial part in our strategic advisement, business planning, and budgeting, and they can be used as the basis for other advisory services.

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Note: Before your session, please be prepared to provide/share financial information, statements, documents, etc.

How can TSAT become your Trusted Advisor and help provide your small business with Financial H.O.P.E.?

Your Trusted Advisor… At TSAT, we know that a great businesses need to operate at high levels of service, accuracy, reliability, and throughput. We also know that the only way to ensure these things are achieved is to develop a comprehensive set of accounting and finance policies and procedures and to regularly train all personnel involved in the management and control of the company’s software. Only by taking steps toward accounting, quality assurance, and finances can a small business accounting department expand its business and improve its profit margins. It takes a little work to make sure that every aspect of small business accounting is running at full capacity, and we are here to help!

Here at TSAT, we are not simply bookkeepers. We work with you to provide a 360-degree strategic financial advice, including small business operations and investment guidance. We will help you stay ahead of the curve when it small business or personal investments!

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TSAT’s is your Trusted Advisor and will let you focus on your business’s core competencies! Whether you have a small business or you need help personally, TSAT can give you HOPE! Call us today! 

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