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We are excited to launch our redesigned website as well as some exciting new advancements. These include our new blog! This blog will highlight the ways we help people find and achieve their own version of success through business advising and financial services! 

Here at TSAT Accounting Solutions, TSAT for short, we define success as having the freedom, knowledge, and wealth to help others find and achieve their own personal version of financial success. With over 25 years of small business accounting experience and over 20 years of owning different businesses, we are a leader in helping small business owners find and achieve their own version of financial success. 

Tabitha Smith, founder of TSAT, is a United States Army Veteran with over 25 years of accounting experience and owns multiple small businesses. A message from Tabitha – 


“Hi, I’m Tabitha!

I own multiple small businesses and make sure that my TSAT team members have the most AMAZING experience with me as their leader. This will ripple into the AMAZING client service they provide. I love to have fun and my favorite place to be is the beach! I am constantly running numbers and scenarios to make myself, my team, my businesses and our clients the most that they can be. If you are looking to be the best financially successful YOU, TSAT is your trusted solution! In the photo to the left, I am in the Bahamas having the most AMAZING annual retreat with my team!”


Tabitha heads up a team of amazing professionals, that we’ll meet in later blogs! 

Tabitha and TSAT work and live by some meaningful quotes: 

  • We want to Amaze our Clients not just serve them. – Tabitha Smith 
  • Make a lifetime commitment to amazement. – Shep Hyken
  • Always be amazing. – Shep Hyken

If you are not familiar with Shep Hyken, he is a bestselling author that is dedicated to the customer service experience. At TSAT, we pride ourselves and practice the idea that amazing client service is the major difference in the customer service experience. In the same way, our customer centric model helps business owners improve their overall financial health. Simply put, we want to AMAZE our clients. 

At TSAT Accounting Solutions, our ultimate goal is to provide services to not only generate reports but going deeper so that you can fully understand your business. Our primary service offerings include, but are not limited to: 

  • CFO Advising 
  • Controller Services 
  • Full Accounting/Bookkeeping Department 
  • Payroll Services
  • Financial Health Reviews 
  • Recon & Review Services
  • Business Tax Returns 

TSAT’s expertise and knowledge are perfectly suited for Independent Physician practices, Dental practices, Chiropractic practices, Home Health providers, and other service-based industries. 

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