Future-Proofing Your Private Health Practice Through Strategic Planning

Greetings to all you dedicated healthcare entrepreneurs out there working hard to transform community care! Between emerging technologies, hiring challenges for top medical talent, public health events, and the constant billing complexities…no rest for the forward-thinking clinics, mobile care companies and telehealth platforms aiming to upgrade patient experiences from within!

But thoughtfully expanding your services while retaining quality culture absolutely requires number-savvy guidance upfront. Especially as 2024 shapes industry shifts swiftly. That’s why partnering with your TRUSTED ADVISORS who specialize exclusively within private healthcare realms proves critical.

Predicting Growth Needs Without Compromising Care

Here at TSAT, we supported local private health businesses for over 20 years and counting. Our team both understands the daily realities private practices uniquely face, and also has the niche number-crunching ability to accurately predict what’s required to scale strategically without diluting quality of care or company culture.

While each specialty has distinctive growth factors, we commonly see two recurring areas demanding careful cash flow planning and projections in order to future-proof over the next few pivotal years:

1. Investing in the Right Talent and Staffing Infrastructure

Expanding your medical team, front desk, health coaches, patient care and other support roles is obviously essential to serve more people. But determining the ideal hiring cadence and salary levels to support sustainable expansion this year requires our accounting insights.

2. Optimizing Cash Flow Habits and Payroll Funding Needs

Aligning your accounts receivable rhythms with outflows is vital. We quantify how to time investments across growth in tandem with patient revenue realities so you can fund payrolls reliably. Because providing care starts with paying your teams consistently without disruption, despite inevitable timing mismatches. Our expertise identifies the right debt or credit levels to strengthen payroll resilience.

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Trusted Advising: Outsourcing a CFO for a strategic future!

In fact, according to recent surveys, according to recent surveys, a significant portion (over 50% as of 2023) of thriving healthcare small businesses rely on outsourcing financial strategy roles like an expert CFO or growth-focused accounting advisors. Why?

Because not only do they optimize cash flow habits to free up revenue for competitive salaries and quality solutions, but they provide the objective data-driven counsel required to land on the wisest resourcing decisions across growth plays.

At TSAT, our expertise also lends confidence in funding projections even amidst market fluctuations or public health impacts on patient visit volumes that influence revenue collection reliability. So by proactively partnering this quarter with specialized TRUSTED ADVISORS dedicated fully towards this niche, practice owners gain an invaluable steering voice to match emerging challenges with the right pace and budgeting needed to shape sustainable expansion.

Ultimately, we stand beside practice owners to architect finance foundations that practically transition inspiring care visions into reality. With strategic accounting leadership, you gain confidence that scaling upholds consistent quality experiences into the future. Our forecasts and number crunching convert dreams of transformation into demonstration at each milestone.

Ready to map out a growth blueprint aligned to your values? Let’s connect this quarter and breathe life into the care model you’ve always imagined!

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Your Trusted Advisor… At TSAT, we understand that exceptional small businesses must maintain high standards in service, accuracy, reliability, and efficiency. To achieve these goals, it is essential to establish a thorough set of accounting and finance policies and procedures and consistently train all personnel involved. By letting TSAT focus on you accounting, quality assurance, finances, and provide you with a small business accounting department, you can expand your core competency operations and enhance your profit margins. Ensuring every aspect of small business accounting operates at peak performance requires some effort, and we are here to assist you on this journey!

Here at TSAT, we are not simply bookkeepers. We work with you to provide a 360-degree strategic financial advice, including small business operations and investment guidance. We will help you stay ahead of the curve when it small business or personal investments!

If you are a gig worker or small business owner looking to grow your business, TSAT’s AMAZING Trusted team considers much more than just your taxes!


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