Home Health & Hospice Agencies: 4 KPIs Every Agency Must Watch

Metrics are an important tool for any organization, including those in the home health and hospice industry. Much of the long-term success of a HHA and Hospice agency stems from using the right metrics. Knowing which KPIs to track helps the organization to grow and keep up with and meet new standards.  It can help keep costs under control, improve revenue, and maintain fiscal stability. By evaluating the results of key metrics, you can improve the quality of care and keep costs low.

The KPIs and organizational metrics of any HHA or hospice agency are also crucial for improving care and identifying weaknesses. Often, data from HHA and hospice agencies is out-of-date or inaccurate. Using inaccurate data and Metrics can inhibit the ability to identify strengths and weaknesses in a timely manner and provide a solid foundation for future planning. TSAT’s experience helps to identify the most effective analytics systems and use this information to help an agency better manage their data. In addition to this, we can create actionable business intelligence, which can help an agency meet new standards and stay fiscally sound.

So, what are the 4 KPIs every HHA and Hospice agency must watch?

  1. Quality Control and Performance Metrics
  2. Patient and Customer Experience Metrics
  3. Sales Metrics
  4. Financial Metrics

Why do you need to measure these for your agency?

  • Quality control and agency performance is critical to measure because these could lead to quality of care concerns.
  • Patient and customer experience and quality performance go hand in hand, not measuring patient or customer experience could have effects such as revenue loss and other negative issues. Measuring this KPI also allows you to put corrective measures in place quickly.
  • Sales metric measuring is important because by not measuring this KPI you could miss opportunities to grow and expand your business.
  • Financial metrics measuring is crucial to the operations of your agency, by not correctly tracking revenue, expenses, overhead, and calculating taxes correctly could leave your agency in financial ruin.

These KPIs show the organization’s ability to improve care while controlling costs. The data from properly tracking these metrics can help the organization make changes and improve patient outcomes. If an agency is delivering quality care, the metrics will show that it is delivering quality care.

TSAT is here to help your HHA or Hospice agency!

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