Trusted Advising: Optimizing Cash Flow Efficiency!

Trusted Advising: Optimizing Cash Flow Efficiency!

How TSAT’s TRUSTED Advisors Identify and Address Cash Flow Inefficiencies!

For any small business, maintaining efficient and predictable cash flow cycles is absolutely vital to the health and success of your company. However, it’s easy for small inefficiencies and issues to creep into your financial processes that silently drain your cash availability, creating gaps and volatility in your cash flow.

As your trusted accounting advisor, our job is to take a deep dive into analyzing your full cash flow ecosystem to pinpoint potential problem areas or bottlenecks you may be missing. By identifying issues and providing expert fixes, we can work together to optimize your cash flow management.

Let’s look at how we’d evaluate key areas of your financial operations to find and address sources of cash flow inefficiency.

Examining Accounts Receivable with a Fine-Tooth Comb

First, we’d start by auditing your accounts receivable processes and cash collections. In our experience, this is often an area plagued by delays between invoicing clients and actually collecting payments, which ties up your cash in outstanding AR.

Some potential problems we would dig into include identifying:

  • Inconsistent invoicing schedules that lead to payments trickling in rather than arriving predictably
  • Limited or confusing payment options that discourage timely client payments
  • Lack of diligent invoice follow-up procedures to chase down overdue amounts
  • Poorly designed or unclear invoices that delay clients in making payments
  • Outdated AR reporting tools that provide poor visibility into collections

By pinpointing issues like these, we can then offer tailored solutions to improve your AR cycles such as:

  • Implementing organized billing calendars to align invoice timing with cash needs
  • Expanding the payment options and channels available to make paying more convenient for customers
  • Automating collections processes through reminders and follow-up to accelerate past due payments
  • Modernizing your AR tech stack with tools that streamline invoicing and provide visibility into receivables.

Evaluating Every Inch of Your Accounts Payable Processes

On the other side of the coin, we also closely examine your full accounts payable process. inefficient AP practices that delay paying bills actually tie up your available cash rather than freeing it for higher value uses. Some examples of issues our AP analysis might uncover include:

  • Missing early payment discounts that could reduce short-term cash outflows
  • Paying bills too early or too late leading to suboptimal cash flow alignment
  • Duplicate payments wasting money
  • Overstaffed AP departments driving up overhead costs
  • Manual, outdated AP systems slowing down the process

By identifying and resolving AP problems like these, we can work together to optimize your throughput which then frees up additional liquidity in your cash flow on an ongoing basis.

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Taking a Holistic View of Expense Cycles

Stepping back, we also evaluate your overall expense management cycles – everything from payroll to inventory purchases to recurring expenses. Even small delays or excess waste in these broader outflow cycles can silently bleed cash over time. As your advisor we dig deep to uncover improvements like:

  • Better aligning your payroll timing/schedules based on forecasted cash availability
  • Negotiating extended payment plans on large inventory orders to ease cash impact
  • Rescheduling recurring monthly or annual charges to hit after peak revenue collection periods
  • Renegotiating contracts with suppliers and vendors to improve terms

Enhancing all of your company’s cash outflow cycles, both big and small, better optimizes alignment with inflows.

At TSAT, We Are The Cash Flow Optimization Experts!!!

Strengthening any weak links we discover in your cash flow ecosystem makes cash more available and predictable for your business. Our analysis provides an objective outside look at potential issues while also delivering actionable solutions and process improvement recommendations.

With our advisory support, your company can maximize cash flow efficiency, growth potential, and financial health. Don’t leave potential savings on the table – contact us today to schedule a customized cash flow analysis and optimization consultation.

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