For many small business owners, managing payroll is often a daunting task. This task can become even more challenging when you are operating on a tight budget and/or have several employees to manage. If you are faced with the task of payroll, then you should know that it is not only a tedious task, but it can also be quite costly. The good news is that TSAT’s small business payroll services can make payroll management easy for you.

TSAT’s Small Business Payroll Services.

If you operate a small business, you may want to consider some small business payroll services to take care of the payroll needs of your employees. TSAT’s payroll services provide additional services for small businesses, such as new-employee onboarding and payroll accounting, employees’ compensation, payroll reconciliation, paid time off tracking, payroll taxes, and personal/owner taxes. Many of these programs cost less than employing in-house payroll employees, which can prove to be a money saver for your small business. With TSAT’s services included, you will no longer need to worry about paperwork, time consuming forms, or filing tax returns.

Payroll Services Designed Specifically for Your Small Business.

There is no, “one size fits all” payroll solution regarding your small business payroll options. One primary reason why you should outsource these services is the fact that TSAT offers comprehensive help in designing payroll options that will fit your needs. These options can include any number of features, from automatic posting of paychecks, deductions, bonuses, and tax information, to online pay dates and deposits. There are also many other options, which can help you streamline the entire process and provide your employees with more convenient ways to pay their payroll and associated taxes.

Benefit Plans and Employee Benefits.

Small businesses often find that they have fewer resources to help their employees with benefits, such as health care, retirement benefits, life insurance, and the like. For this reason, many small businesses seek out employee benefits plans that can be easily accessed by employees through the Internet. By doing so, you can save your small business some money by not needing to hire an extra employee just to set up these plans. Plus, by offering such services on the Internet, you can easily attract new customers!

Outsourcing Payroll Taxes.

Some small business owners think that paying employees’ payroll taxes through payroll services is simply too expensive. In fact, you can start paying your employees for their taxes right at the company, which can help cut down on the costs of hiring new employees as well. There are even companies out there that offer completely transparent payroll taxes, so you do not have to worry about confusing the IRS with information about your company’s finances.

TSAT’s Payroll Services will let you focus on your business’s core competencies! Whether you have a small business or you need help personally, TSAT can give you HOPE! Call us today! 

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